Best Classic Romantic Korean Drama All Time

Best Classic Romantic Korean Drama

Chogiwa – During pandemic there are a lot of people were forced to stay at home. Some said that staying at home are really boring but of course it is not applicable for Korean Drama lovers. Pandemic era is like a payback for Korean drama lovers around the world because they have all the time and universe for them so they could sit cosily in their couch watching the best romantic Korean drama all time in a row.

For you who want to take a flash back to the best romantic Korean drama, there are some classic romantic Korean drama options that probably you love to re-watch. Below are the recommendations of classic romantic Korean drama aired between 2000 – 2010.

Romantic Korean Drama

#1 Autumn in My Heart (2000)

Speaking of the best classic romantic Korean drama, no drama could compare Autumn in My Heart though the drama ended in a tragedy. Way before Song Hye-kyo well known as Kang Mo-yeon in Descendants of the Sun, she was well known as Yoon Eun-seo when she acted with Song Seung-heon as Yoon Joon-seo. Aired in 2000, this drama still a worth-watching drama even if you watch it in 2020, especially for you who love type of drama that make you shed tears.

#2 Winter Sonata (2002)

Speaking for first love, Winter Sonata gave you a classic drama about memorable first love. What will you feel when you are a woman who is about to get married but then meet a man who looks exactly like your first love who had died? Is it destiny? Well, it is a tragic but still a classic romantic Korean drama that will not fade with time. Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong-joon are the main roles in this drama that made this drama even more adorable to watch.

#3 Full House (2004)

Full House starring Song Hye-kyo and Rain is one of the successful romantic Korean dramas with a slight of comedy genre. The story of a famous actor Lee Young-jae (Rain) and a writer to be Han Ji-Eun (Song Hye-kyo) which due to some circumstances were forced to sign a marriage agreement at the first place but later their unique relationship became a real love story.

#4 My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)

My Name is Kim Sam Soon is one of the must watching Hyun Bin’s drama. A story about an ordinary woman and a wealthy young man. Somehow their destinies are collided when Hyun Bin as Jinhun decided to ask Smasoon (Kim Sun-A) to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mother.

#5 Sassy Girl Chun-yang (2005)

Sassy Girl Chun-yang was aired in 2005 with Han Chae-young as Chun-yang and Jae Hee as Mong-ryong. The story is inspired by classic literature ‘Tale of Chunhyang’ with the combination of modern love story. It is one of the highly recommended classic romantic Korean drama which is still worth-watching even if it’s 2020 already.

best classic korean drama

#6 Princess Hour/Goong (2006)

A story about a young prince and an ordinary girl is never boring. Princess Hour is Jo Ji-hoon’s debut drama as the young prince Lee Shin but he acted brilliantly and made this drama reach high rating at that time. Together with Yoon Eun-hye as Shin Chae-kyung, an ordinary girl who was forced to marry the prince due to old promise of their grandfathers, this drama became one of the most memorable classic romantic Korean drama love story with royal family theme.

#7 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)

Coffee Prince is a classic romantic Korean drama that every Korean drama lover must watch. The story took place in a small café and aside from the two main characters, Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-hye, each of the cast has its own story that made this drama a classic love story until today. Recently a documentary for this drama entitled My Dear Youth-Coffee Prince just released where all the casts have a reunion interview in the same café.

#8 Boy Before Flowers (2009)

Boy Before Flowers is the remake of Taiwan drama but it didn’t affect the popularity of this drama when it is adapted as Korean drama. The successful of this drama could be seen from all the raise of popularity of the casts such as Lee Min-ho as Koo Jun-pyo and Ku-Hye-seon as Geum Jan-di.

#9 Shining inheritance (2009)

Another classic romantic Korean drama must watch is Shining Inheritance when we could see two best friends acting together Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo. Lee Seung-gi as Woo-hwan an arrogant young man who doesn’t know the value of money because he comes from a wealthy family while Han Hyo-joo as Ko Eun-seong, an ordinary girl who somehow should face a tragedy in her life. Suddenly their lives were collided when Eun-seong inherit the wealth from Woo-hwan’s grandmother and left nothing for the family.

#10 Your Beautiful (2009)

Your Beautiful is a drama with musical theme when you could find all the amazing actors, actress and idols acting in one scene. There are Park Shin-hye, Jang Keun-suk, FT Island’s Lee Hong-ki, CN Blue’s Jeong Yong-hwa and Uee. A story about a girl who should replace the position of her twin brother in a band. Classic but still something you will love to watch even in 2020.

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#11 My Girlfriend is Gumiho (2010)

Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-A in one scene is surely something you cannot just put aside. My Girlfriend is Gumiho is inspired by a folk story of Korean culture about a nine-tailed fox who is looking for her lover. The unique thing is though it is a folk story but it is combined with modern world. It is one of the best romantic comedy dramas from the last ten years which is still worth watching today.

#12 Personal Taste (2010)

After Boy Before Flowers, Personal Taste is the next Lee Min-ho’s drama that is must watched. A story started when Son Ye-jin as Park Gae-in was betrayed by her boyfriend who will get married with her own best friend. Being hurt, she looked for a new roommate and Lee Min-ho as Jin-ho pretended to be gay so he could live with Gae-in.

#13 Playful Kiss (2010)

Playfull Kiss or Mischievous Kiss is a remake of Japanese drama and manga Itazura na Kiss. The Korean drama version starring Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min. The story has a light rom-com theme but with deep and strong meaning. An ordinary girl who everyone thinks has nothing special but a strong will strive to win the heart of the one she loves though the boy she loves is a very smart and the most handsome guy in school. Everyone thinks it is impossible for the girl to be able to win his heart but due to her strong will and the purity of her love, she could finally win his heart.

#14 Secret Garden (2010)

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won are a perfect couple in this drama. Secret Garden is about a woman and men whose souls were switched. This theme has been remade several times but still this one is a worth watching one especially when the hate turns into a feeling called love. Besides this drama has a deep meaning because two people who is really different were finally be able to understand each other.

#15 Sungkyunwan Scandal (2010)

Sungkhyunwan Scandal is about a girl who disguises herself as her brother so she could take a national exam which only men could join. Park Min-young as Kim Yun-hee and Park Yoo-chun as Lee Seon-joon are the main casts of this drama. Set during the Joseon era, this drama is a rom-com but yet classic romantic Korean drama that is still worth watching in 2020.

There are more classic and romantic Korean dramas during that time but those are the top 15 of classic and romantic Korean drama worth watching. Though they are old but they are gold.