Eunwoo ASTRO True Beauty Drama

Eunwoo ASTRO True Beauty Drama

Chogiwa – Eunwoo ASTRO has becoming a trending in a couple of months after the announcement of his upcoming drama True Beauty drama which is expected to be aired at the end of this year. Fans are wondering about what Eunwoo has been doing lately because due to Covid-19 pandemic, some groups might have limited their activities and ASTRO is no exception.

Eunwoo ASTRO October Issue for Chicteen

Chicteen is a China magazine and Eunwoo ASTRO is one of the artits who will be featured in this magazine for October issue. During the interview, Eunwoo shared his experiences participating in several projects especially his experience as the cast members of Handsome Tiger, an SBS new variety show about basketball.

Besides Handsome Tiger, Eunwoo also joined as cast member for variety show of Master in the House. This is one of the high-rating variety show where Eunwoo shared screen with some well-known actors such as Lee Seung-gi, Yang Se-hyung, Shin Sung-rok and Kim Dong-hyun.

He also wished that fans will look forward and support his newest project True Beauty drama.

Eunwoo’s Upcoming True Beauty Drama

True Beauty drama is Eunwoo’s upcoming project which is estimated to be aired at the end of this year. True Beauty is adapted from the number one Line webtoon entitled The Secret of Angel. In this drama, Eunwoo will act as the lead male actor named Lee Suho who likes Im Joo Kyung (Moon Ga-young), a girl with lack of self-confidence. However, he should keep his feeling due to his best friend Han Seo-joon (Hwang In-yeob) who also likes the same girl.

His character, Lee Suho, is very specific but somehow Eunwoo could portray him perfectly. Lee Suho is a straight A student, good looking appearance but has problem with attitude. He is really cold when it comes to human interaction but when he met Joo Kyung, everything that freeze inside is starting to melt away.

This drama is predicted to cause star-struck because full of visuals and talents. Though this drama is adapted from a webtoon but the webtoon itself is still on-going, so no one really know about the ending of this drama.

Eunwoo Solo Activity

Eunwoo is now busy with his solo activity because due to Covid-19 pandemic, is almost impossible for Eunwoo to have activity with the complete ASTRO member especially offline concert. Their last concert was hold online last June. However, ASTRO is still often sharing their activities via their official Vlive and YouTube Channel. Two of ASTRO member, Moonbin an San-ha just released their MV Bad Idea last September.

True Beauty drama is probably one of the high-anticipated drama before 2020 is ended. Moon Ga-young herself is enough to raise the interest of this drama, she is a talented actress who have been acting in several hit dramas and movies including EXO Next Door, Tempted, Welcome to Waikiki 2 and her last project is Find Me in Your Memory which is just ended last May.

True Beauty is a perfect drama to accompany you spending your 2020 and welcome the 2021.