Kim So Hyun as Assassin Princess in A Historical Drama “River where the Moon Rises”

Kim So Hyun as Assassin Princess in A Historical Drama, River Where the Moon Rises

Chogiwa – Kim So Hyun will come back with a historical drama in 2021 whereas she will act as assassin princess entitled River Where the Moon Rises. She is one of the actresses whose career is shining brighter each year and next year is no exception. From all of her previous projects, Kim So Hyun has been well known for her sweet and innocent character though in some dramas she also showed her badass side of women such as in Bring It On, Ghost.

River Where the Moon Rises is not going to be Kim So Hyun’s first historical drama. She has been played several important roles in some historical dramas such as in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask and The Tale of Nokdu.

However, in those historical dramas Kim So Hyun acted as sweet and innocent girls, so River Where the Moon Rises will be a breakthrough of her career. In this drama, though she will become a princess but Pyeong Gang is not like any typical princess because she raised as a princess but trained to be an assassin.

Kim So Hyun is undoubtedly a great actress, her acting skill is always beyond expectation. She always nailed all the character she portrays and Pyeong Gang is probably will become the strongest character of them all. Though a lot of fans would not question the acting quality of Kim So Hyun as assassin princess but still all of them are looking forward to her fierce acting since this time she will portray a villainous character.

In other words, Kim So Hyun as assassin princess is totally out of her comfort zone and due to that, fans are super excited to this upcoming drama.

Quoted from OSEN the production of team of River Where the Moon Rises even praised Kim So Hyun’s acting and stated “With Kim So Hyun, a capable actress with stable acting skills, confirming to play Pyeong Gang, we have made a step closer to deliver a drama masterpiece. We have a high expectation for the portrayal of Kim So Hyun, who knows to use her colour to make the characters she played more appealing. We believe that Pyeong Gang will become another character of a lifetime for Kim So Hyun.”

Moreover, about River Where the Moon Rises, this drama is adapted from a screenplay entitled On Dal which was mentioned in one of the historical manuscripts The History of Three Kingdom of Korea.

For the drama, the script is written by Han Ji-hoon and directed by Yun Sang-ho who once also directed Saimdang: The Light Diary. Besides portraying Kim So Hyun as assassin princess, the main plot of the drama is about a love story between Pyeong Gang and On Dal. This drama is expected to air in the first half of 2021. Nevertheless, until today, still there is no confirmation yet about who will become the lead male role for On Dal character but it has been confirmed that Kang Ha-neul will join the project as a special appearance.