Top 10 Park Bo Gum Dramas and Movies

Top 10 Park Bo Gum Dramas and Movies

Chogiwa – Park Bo Gum just started his enlistment in the Military this month. It means that fans should wait at least 18 up to 21 months until they could see Park Bo Gum acting in front of the camera again.

Waiting is probably the most boring thing to do in the world unless you have something to do to kill the time. Below is the list of top 10 Park Bo Gum dramas and movies to help you spending your time until your favourite actor come back from military.

Source: TvN

#1. Record of Youth

Record of Youth is the latest drama of Park Bo Gum before his enlistment in the military. If you want to start a drama and movie marathon of Park Bo Gum, this drama is supposed to be on the first list because it is still ongoing.
In this drama Park Go Gum acted along with Park So Dam from Parasite and Byeon Woo-Seok from who once well-praised for his acting in Search: WWW.

#2. Encounter

The second Park Bo Gum dramas that should be on the top of the list is Encounter where he acted along with Song Hye Kyo. The best thing about this drama is not only because it has amazing casts but also amazing sceneries and cinematography.

#3. Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is a drama where Park Bo Gum took role as a prince. This drama is not only praised for its romantic plot of the love story between two main lead actor and actress but also full of visuals.

Besides Park Bo Gum as the lead male role and Kim You Jung as the main lead actress, there is also Jin Young B1A4 and Chae Soo-Bin who is well known from her acting in I’m Not A Robot.

#4. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is one of the high rating Park Bo Gum dramas that his fans should watch. The best thing about this drama is the plot which is consisting of all aspects in life from family, friends, love, life, growing up, moving on. This is a drama which will make you cry, laugh and thankful at the same time.

Besides Park Bo Gum, this drama consists of a wonderful lineup of actors and actress such as Hyeri, Ryoo Joon Yeol and Ko Gyung Pyo.

#5. Hello Monster

Hello Monster is a drama about an excellent criminal profiler who has a dark secret in the past. This drama starring Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra. This drama also starring EXO D.O or Do Kyungsoo who took role as a psychopath.

In this drama, Park Bo Gum is not the lead actor but he has a very important role in this drama. This is indeed one of the Park Bo Gum drama you should put on the list.

#6. Naeil’s Cantabile

Just like Hello Monster, in Naeil’s Cantabile Park Bo Gum is not a lead role as well but he successfully causes a second lead male syndrome for those who have watched this drama because he portrayed a cellist named Lee Yoon Hoo so perfectly.

#7. Coin Locker Girl

Coin Locker Girl is the first movie of Park Bo Gum you should put on your list. This movie is starring Kim Go Eun and senior actress Kim Hye Soo. The story is about a girl who carries a mission given by her mother who happened to be boss of a loan shark group.

Park Bo Gum as the protagonist in this movie is literally making the dark movie a little bit brigher.

#8. Roaring Currents

If you have watched all Park Bo Gum dramas, you must have seen him in several characters. If you like his role in historical drama, you must watch Roaring Currents. This movie about the battle of Myeongryang whereas 12 ships under the command of Admiral Yin Sun Shin should battle a hundred ships of Japanese navy.

#9. A Hard Day

A Hard Day is one of the Park Bo Gum movie in the earlier years of his career so, don’t expect him to be the lead role but the movie itself is worth watching so just put it on your list.

#10. Seo Bok

After Park Bo Gum drama Record of Youth, actually there is one more Park Bo Gum’s movie which is not release yet entitled Seo Bok. In this movie, Park Bo Gum should act along a senior actor Gong Yoo.

In this movie, Park Bo Gum as Seo Bok is the first human clone which possesses the secret of eternal life. There is no specific release date yet about this movie but it is expected to be released soon since the shooting has been completed since last year.

There are more of Park Bo Gum dramas and movies because he started his acting career by taking some small roles. However today, all directors will offer him nothing unless it is a lead role.

You will be surprised how you could miss some of his appearances in some hit dramas and movies back then such as in Bridal Mask and Runaway Cop. He also has a short appearance in 2020 hit drama Itaewon Class. Though he appeared short in those dramas and movies, you may need to give them chance to watch.