ARMY Reaction toward BTS Universe Drama “Youth” Cast Announced

ARMY Reaction BTS Universe Drama

Chogiwa – BTS Universe is a drama series entitled “Youth” which characters are based on BTS members. This drama is expected to be aired in 2021 and just yesterday the BTS Universe drama Youth cast announced despite on the facts that there are a lot of people who oppose and put concern toward it. ARMY reaction toward BTS Universe Drama Youth are also varying.

BTS Universe Drama Youth adapted from the fictional narrative of BTS MV in 2015 I Need U. The story is about seven young man striving to adapt with the adulthood. The story has nothing to do with the real life of BTS’ members but entirely fictional. The only thing that the same is their names.

Why there are a lot of people put a concern toward this drama?

When the story is only in the form of MV or music video is totally okay but it may be something totally different if the story is turned into a drama.

BTS Universe Drama “Youth” Cast Announced
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#1 A Non-Biography Drama or Movie Based on Real Characters Never Works

There are a lot of examples of drama or movie based on the real characters didn’t work at all though viewers have been warned to not connect the story of the drama with the story of characters in the real life.

Moreover, BTS is not only well-known in Asia but worldwide, with one of the biggest fandoms in the world. There would be a big concern that this drama may give negative impact to the artist.

There are several examples of movies based on real character that failed miserably, one solid example is The Social Network, a movie which tried to portray Mark Zuckerberg, the cofounder and CEO of Facebook.

#2 Fictional Plot with Real Characters Never Good

From the MV there are several plots that probably too dramatic especially when they were adapted as a drama series, some examples are when Suga’s character murdered his mother and burnt the house or V’s father portrayed as an alcoholic. Can you imagine the non BTS fans watching this drama? When they know nothing about BTS in real life but what they will get is all the stories they have watched from the drama. It is one of the biggest concerns, if the story may affect the artists’ images.

#3 Real Characters Portrayed by Different Casts Might be Weird

However, if there are real characters but portrayed by different casts are normal thing in movie or drama with one condition the drama or movie is a biography. However, all BTS members are still so much alive and well but then there are some new casts forced to portray them in a drama or movie. Can you imagine how weird it is? It is better if the name or character is changed entirely instead of using BTS’s real name and character.

Big Names Behind the Production of BTS Universe Drama Youth

It has been confirmed that BTS Universe Drama Youth will be produced by Kim Jaehong, whose last projects are including The Light in Your Eyes, and written by Kim Soojin who also wrote Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.

While the producers and writers are those who already well known for their works, yesterday the BTS Universe Drama Youth casts announced and seven new or rookies and young actors have been chosen to portrayed the each BTS’ members. The casts for each BTS members also have been confirmed:

  • Seo Jihoon as Jin
  • Noh Jonghyun as Suga
  • Ahn Jiho as J-Hope
  • Seo Youngjoo as RM
  • Kim Yoonwoo as Jimin
  • Jung Woojin as V
  • Jeon Jinseo as Jungkook

What Are ARMY Reaction?

ARMY is fandom of BTS gave various reaction. ARMY reaction toward BTS Universe Drama Youth are like while some are super supportive because they will see the drama which is based on their idols’ characters, others are starting to compare the casts with the real BTS members.

Well, BTS which is also well known as Bangtan Boys debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. Since the beginning of their careers they have been noticed for their excellent works and style of music which make them one of the biggest South Korean boy groups today, which are not only well known in Asia but also worldwide, especially in western music industry.

BTS Universe Drama Youth is probably just going to be another project about BTS which either make their name bigger or just make them more famous. The heaviest burden is actually faced by the casts who will portray the members, whether they could satisfy all the audiences or not, besides it is not an easy matter to portray a big name as big as BTS. However, one thing for sure, if they succeed, is possible for their name to get bigger as well.