What Is Second Lead Syndrome in Korean Drama?


Chogiwa – For Korean Drama lovers, they must be familiar with the term of “Second Lead Syndrome”.

Those who are not really into Korean drama may find the term a little bit weird or a little bit disturbing because there is the word ‘syndrome’ there.

What is second lead syndrome in Korean Drama?

It is not so easy to explain but obviously it is not a disease just because there is word ‘syndrome’ so you don’t need to worry.

Second lead syndrome in Korean drama is actually a thing that only experienced by Korean drama lover. It is a state when after several times watching KDrama, a certain feeling will occur especially for those who loves romance genre.

That’s why it is not so easy to explain but once you experience it, you will understand what it means.

Second Lead Syndrome

Symptoms of Second Lead Syndrome

In Korean drama, especially drama with romance genre, usually the plot be like, the lead female actress becomes the love interest of two men. This condition may become the start of Second Lead Syndrome’s symptoms such as:

• A person will start comparing the two lead actors and contemplating toward the choice of men the lead actress will be ended with even if the ending of the story is really obvious.

• A person will find it hard to decide which man is the best man for the lead actress because they know that the actress will be ended with the first lead actor but deep down they prefer the second lead actor.

• When you start taking side and then it means you suffer from the second lead syndrome.

Example of Second Lead Syndrome

Have you watch Start Up episode 8? Start Up is one of the newest TvN dramas starring Bae Suzy as Seo Dal Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San.

The plot story is getting more interesting in episode 8 when finally viewers were amazed by the “negotiation skill” of SamSan Tech’s CEO, Seo Dal Mi.

If you start comparing Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyeong, contemplating over whether Do San or Ji Pyeong is better for Dal Mi and finnaly you decide to take side, meaning you are positive from suffering the Second Lead Syndrome.

Anyway, Start Up is still an on going Korean Drama, the story is getting more interesting every week. So you have to make sure to not miss it and keep yourself update with us to find out more about Kpop and Kdrama.