Hwang In Yeop’s Specialty with Second Lead Syndrome

Hwang In Yeop Specialty second lead syndrome

Chogiwa – Do you know that in Korean drama there are some actors and actresses considered by fans to have a role specialty? Such as Lee Min Ho who has a role specialty to be chaebol or rich boy while Park Shin Hye has a role specialty as a poor girl. Kim Soo Hyun has a role specialty to be the love interest of some women who obsessed with him and many more.

Now we have Hwang In Yeop’s specialty is probably becoming a second lead male actor who may become the trigger of second lead syndrome for the fans.

Hwang In Yeop from The Tale of Nokdu

Hwang In Yeop character in The Tale of Nokdu is probably just a supporting role but somehow really significant because he is the one who is really loyal to Cha Yool Moo. Though he is a really ambitious character with his goal in life is none other than protecting Cha Yool Moo with his life.

Can you imagine having someone like that with one-sided devotion toward a single person? Well, Hwang In Yeop’s specialty character as Park Dan Ho in this drama is one of the examples.

Hwang In Yeop from 18 Again

In KPop industry, Hwang In Yeop is probably considered a rookie. He debuted in 2018 for a web drama entitled Why for Naver TV as main role and in 2019 he also roled as Seo Kyo Won in Freshman but then he was praised for his acting skill when he acted as Park Dan Ho in The Tale of Nokdu since then his career is getting bigger.

In 18 Again, Hwang In Yeop’s role is not even big but really well noticed. At the beginning of the drama, he appeared as the character who bullied Lee Do Hyun’s son but then his character is developing along with the plot of the drama. His character changes from a bully into a cool character who falls in love and sincerely cares for Lee Do Hyun’s daughter.

Though in the end, his love is rejected by Hong Shi A, still his character is already changed into a good one and fans are starting to swoon over him.

Hwang In Yeop from True Beauty

True Beauty is not even aired yet but the excitement of this drama is everywhere. Those who have read the webtoon may have guessed that True Beauty is going to be one of the worth-watching drama this year and Hwang In Yeop got the main role in this drama as Han Seo Joon, Im Joo Kyeong’s first boyfriend.

The webtoon itself is still ongoing with no one knows to whom Joo Kyeong will give her love but still, fans have been anticipating that in the drama, Lee Suho has a bigger chance to win Joo Kyeong heart instead of Seo Joon.

Well, will Hwang In Yeop’s specialty become the next actor with second lead syndrome? Probably yes and probably not but so far, his role in several dramas has led him to be the trigger of syndrome which only suffered by Korean drama fans.