“True Beauty” Portrays Bullying as A Serious Issue

“True Beauty” Portrays Bullying as A Serious Issue
Image Source: TvN

Chogiwa – Have you watched TvN’s new drama True Beauty? In a glimpse, this drama is only about a high school student named Im Jukyung who somehow obsessed with makeup.

However, if you really watch the first two episodes then you will understand that her obsession is not without a reason. True Beauty portrays bullying as a serious issue but unfortunately, not everyone aware or even cares about this issue.

Bullying Is the Reason behind Im Jukyung’s Insecurity

“True Beauty” Portrays Bullying as A Serious Issue
Image Source: TvN

Nobody is perfect but yet people expect perfection. Being different is actually a normal thing and in this drama, Im Jukyong is described as a child who has look that is ‘different’ from her older sister and younger brother.

In some ways, as the third party seeing how people’s reaction toward Im Jukyung’s look when compared to her siblings is comical but if it is happening to you, what is your reaction?

That is a kind of bullying that most people don’t realize until it’s too late. It was only for fun at the beginning but without you realize it, what you say and what you did have hurt someone.

True Beauty portrays bullying as a serious issue and delivers this message loud and clear. Jukyung’s obsession with makeup is actually one of her ways to cover her insecurity toward her looks and that insecurity caused by a series of bullying she has experienced.

Bullying Is Everywhere

“True Beauty” Portrays Bullying as A Serious Issue
Image Source: TvN

True Beauty portrays bullying as a serious issue and this drama also emphasized that bullying is everywhere. If you think that bullying only exists at school and then you thought wrong because it is not true.

Bullying could happen anywhere. If you have watched the first episode of True Beauty, the bullying that is experienced by Ju Kyung has happened to her since she was born. The first comment from the neighbor that said she’s a boy instead of a girl is one of the examples of bullying which is well known as body shaming.

Not only from neighbors, but Jukyung also experiences body shaming from her own family that makes fun of her just because she looks different from her siblings. Even worse, Jukyung then also experiences bullying from her classmate at school.

Bullying Could Happen to Anyone

Not only bullying is everywhere, but also True Beauty portrays bullying as a serious issue that could happen to anyone. If Jukyung is just an ordinary high school student and then how about Jung Se Yeon?

I won’t do a spoiler but it has been vaguely mentioned that his character in this drama is an idol who decided to kill himself due to bullying he experienced online which is also well known with the term cyber-bullying.

Well, it is clear that bullying could happen to anyone, no matter who you are from an ordinary high school student up to a famous idol.

Bullying experienced by Jukyung from her classmate may put her in the same situation as well. however, lucky she got a second thought in the end and of course there is someone who finally appears to rescue her.

In many cases, there are a lot of people who don’t even have a chance to have a second thought or someone to help.

One thing for sure, bullying is a serious issue but also a sensitive one. The worst part is there are a lot of people do the bullying without even realize it until it is too late. They thought of only having fun without realizing that the things they’ve done and the things they’ve said may hurt the object of the bullying.

Sadly, bullying cases still exist today and been happening all around the world. We cannot just rely on the institution like schools or governments but family as the closest relatives have an important role in making sure things like this never happens.

True Beauty portrays bullying as a serious issue and has delivered the message loud and clear for everyone to start caring and at least give attention to this issue. Jukyung is just among the little group who is considered lucky.

However, still, though she may not put herself in danger anymore because she has found a shelter to cover her insecurity but it doesn’t mean that the problem is solved. Deep down, she still has a problem, her mental has been broken completely that will put her back to the insecure version of herself when she was in a situation where she wears no makeup.

I personally like watching this drama and the thing I realize today is making me love True Beauty more. Jukyung is one of my favorite characters in webtoon but still, she is not perfect, she has a problem.

How she grows as a character is important because it will give a lot of people hope that one day. I have personally been waiting for the time when Jukyung finally realizes that she is as precious as everyone else and being different is not a bad thing.

Besides, I have my own personal motto that may fit with this drama that being different is actually a normal thing because if you are not different, then you’re not normal.