Chogiwa – EXO D.O. just finished his mandatory military service last month but directors have been lining up for him to star in several dramas and movies. Recently, EXO D.O. confirmed to star in a romantic movie entitled “Secret”. It is a remake movie from a Taiwanese movie with the same title. Though today still there is no confirmation yet regarding the lead female, fans are wondering who will become the EXO D.O.’s girlfriends in movies and dramas.

EXO D.O.’s Girlfriends in Movies and Dramas

D.O. debuted with EXO in 2012 as the lead vocal. However, he also stated that his dream is not only becoming a singer but also an actor. He debuted as actor in drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” as a supporting role in 2014 and also in movie “Cart” at the same year. The young actor who is also well known as actor Do Kyungsoo has been receiving praises ever since he decided to step in acting field.

Regarding D.O’s romantic movie project “Secret” fans have been speculating about the female actress who will act along with the young and talented actor. However, before that, let’s find out some female actresses who once became EXO’s D.O.’s girlfriends in movies and dramas.

#1 Pure Love/Unforgettable (2016) – Kim So Hyun

EXO D.O.’s Girlfriends in Movies and Dramas
Source: Screenshoot from Movie “Pure Love”

Just two years after D.O. debuted as a supporting role in the movie “Cart”, he landed a main role in the teenage romance drama “Pure Love”. In this drama, he acted along with talented young actress Kim So Hyun.

The story is about first love and friendships of five friends which stories were revealed by a letter from the past. The most memorable scene in the movie was when Bum Sil (Do Kyungsoo) kissed Soo Ok (Kim So Hyun) in the rain but only through the umbrella.

Later, it was revealed that Kyungsoo decided to do the kissing scene that way because Kim So Hyun was too young. She was 17 years old at that time while Kyungsoo was 23 years old. He said that he felt so uncomfortable kissing a young actress. However, the scene became one of the most romantic kissing scenes ever.

#2 Be Positive (2017) – Chae Seo Jin

EXO D.O.’s Girlfriends in Movies and Dramas
Source: Screenshot Movie “Be Positive”

Do Kyungsoo has put a high standard for an idol who wants to be an actor. His characters in previous dramas and movies are totally different. In the web drama “Be Positive”, Kyungsoo’s character is a bit easygoing, as a film major student who wants to make a movie as his final graduation project. He has the story, the crew, and the money to start making the movie. However, the biggest problem is whether he should ask actress Hye Jung (Chae Seo Jin) or not to be his actress. It is because Hye Jung is his ex-girlfriend.

After Kim So Hyun, Chae Seo Jin is the next EXO D.O.’s girlfriend in movies and dramas. She was also the first girl he kissed on the scene.

#3 100 Days My Prince (2018) – Nam Ji Hyun

EXO D.O.’s Girlfriends in Movies and Dramas
Source: Screenshot Movie “100 Days My Prince”

Speaking of the EXO D.O.’s girlfriend in the movie and drama, Nam Ji Hyun is probably the most memorable one. “100 Days My Prince” was Kyungsoo’s very first romantic drama. The story is about a cold-hearted crown prince who should marry someone he doesn’t love. Instead, he has been spending his life looking for his first love.

One day, he was attacked and lost his memory. He landed in a village where people call him stupid just because he doesn’t know how to do common jobs. As part of the rain ritual, he should marry the girl he doesn’t know named Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun). That’s how the love story between them started.

The drama became the highest rating drama that year and make them won The Best Couple in 2019’s 14Th Annual Soompi Awards.

#4 100 Days My Prince (2018) – Han So Hee

EXO D.O.’s Girlfriends in Movies and Dramas
Source: Screnshoot Drama “100 Days My Prince”

Before Han So Hee well-known as Shin Se Kyung in the drama “The World of Marriage”, she was the wife of cold-hearted crown prince Lee Yul (Do Kyungsoo). Though she wasn’t the woman in the prince’s heart, she was also one of EXO D.O.’s girlfriends in movies and dramas.

Her character has left a big impression due to her natural beauty and her tragic love story. Though in the end she could protect the baby inside her womb, she lost the man she love the most.

#5 Swing Kids (2018) – Park Hye Soo

EXO D.O.’s Girlfriends in Movies and Dramas
Source: Screenshot Movie “Swing Kids”

Swing Kids is Do Kyungsoo’s last movie before he voluntarily joined the military in 2019. The movie is about a young North Korean soldier who fell in love with tap dancing. The drama may have a tragic ending but Kyungsoo brought something totally different to the movie.

In the movie, young actress Park Hye Soo as Yang Pan Rae was also the girl who likes to tap dancing. Together they were learning to dance tap dancing. Though it wasn’t a romantic movie, a short kiss during their dancing was a sweet surprise before the movie ended tragically.

Those are the five EXO D.O.’s girlfriends in movies and dramas. The list of EXO’s D.O. dramas and movies are longer than that but not all of them are romances. “Secret” is going to be Do Kyungsoo’s next and the newest romantic movie. Fans have been speculating about the female actress who is going to act along with Kyungsoo. Names like IU, Kim Se Jeong up to Bae Suzy have been mentioned.

So, stay updated with us to find out who is going to be EXO D.O.’s girlfriend in “Secret”.

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