Why Taemin’s Excellent Criminal is Underrated?

taemin criminal underrated

Chogiwa – Taemin’s Criminal is a genius, full of charisma, a complete package of song sang by an even more talented soloist.

Many critics stated that Criminal is at present the peak of Taemin’s development as a respectable musician in KPop music industry. It means he still could be more than this because he is Taemin everyone, he will keep growing and shining.

If it is summed up Criminal is the excellent combination of full Taemin’s show with his charismatic vocal, dance moves which are all totally visuals, killer lyric, brilliant melody and a whole complete package in the entire track.

It is not about something you like the most but objectively you cannot just put aside the fact that Criminal is the representation of Taemin’s hard works all this time.

However, with all those great praises, somehow it is totally underrated. The song and the MV of Criminal just released like a couple of days ago but that’s it. Fans have been waiting for ‘what’s the next?’. So far, nothing special. No live performance, no exclusive interview.

It also happened when 2 Kids was released. There was a Live Video version in SHINee’s official Youtube Channel. But, that’s it.

Image Source : thebiaslist.com

Taemin is a true artist, he is not only excellent in singing but also a great dancer and musician, moreover he is a really good human being that makes him a role-modelled idol. He deserves more.

His two big projects like 2 Kids and Criminal have been considered great, though not excellent but great enough to get a lot of praises from critics. However, they were outshined by others because August and September considered as the most busiest months in KPop industry.

You could find some big groups also announced their comebacks and released their MVs such as ITZY’s Not Shy, BTS’s Dynamite, Blackpink’s Ice cream, and even Taemin’s own group SuperM’s also very busy with their comeback and the upcoming new full-packed album.

Not only that, YG Entertainment also decided to debut their precious TRASURE in August. All the top lists have been occupied and left no place for Taemin to shine.

It is not those group’s faults but still it is so unfortunate for him because the last and the most important step Taemin’s really need is just a big promotion which he didn’t get. Anyone could see it clearly that at present, SM is only focusing on promoting SuperM.

SuperM is undoubtedly one of the excellent projects that SM ever created in the last two years and unquestionably SuperM really deserves all the attentions but it is still unfair for Taemin, at least SM should give a serious promotion for him as a soloist.

We could see from several exclusive interviews of SuperM, all the members are trying really hard to support Taemin by mentioning his solo project to viewers but somehow it is still not enough.

Moreover, most of Taemin’s group mates from SHINee were still in military such as Minho and Key. Onew just released recently on July. In other words, Taemin is practically alone in promoting his album.

So, keep supporting Taemin, you don’t need to be a Shawol to see how amazing and talented Taemin is because he is amazing and super talented.