Sasaeng and Anti-fans Are Equally Toxic

Saesang & Anti-fans (1)

Chogiwa – Recently we read story about how sasaeng been disturbing the environment where the NCT boys live and then like a couple days ago there was ‘war’ in Twitter between fans and anti-fans of EXO’s Chen.

Kpop industry is not always rainbow and butterfly. sasaeng and anti-fans do exist and they never stop making people restless, I mean not only the artists or the idols but also the people around them, such as friends, family and even some unfortunate neighbors.

Sasaeng is another word of fanatic fans whose actions are equally as stalkers because they well known for their aggressive actions and behaviors in intruding the artist and idols private lives.

While there is only one type of sasaeng there are two types of anti-fans. First is obsessed fan of a certain group who cannot accept that other groups might better in something. Even in some cases they just simply hate them, with no logical reason, just because they are not the group they stan for, while some are just felt threatened. This kind of fans are actually those that responsible for fanwar between two groups or more which is totally ridiculous.

Second is obsessed fans who turn into anti-fans because their idols cannot achieve their expectation. This phenomena is really exist, just a couple of days before when EXO’s Chen released his new song for OST of Do You Like Brahms? there are some hastags that literally attacked Chen and forced him to leave EXO just because he is now a happily married and being a father of a baby daughter. Those kinds of fans are even more ridiculous that reach the level of being too delusional.

I mean, even EXO supports Chen all this time. Their management, though they are not showing any bold reaction to stop all the bullying, but they officially released a statement that congratulate Chen.

nct saesang

What did Chen do to deserve all the hatred from anti-fans?

One thing that even more ridiculous is (I said it by fact because I saw and experienced it myself) whenever Chen appeared in public, like when he among the EXO members sent Suho off to military, then when he supported Baekhyun when promoting Candy, when Chen appeared in short video congratulate BoA for her 20th debut anniverary and then the last one is when Chen released his OST a couple days before, anti-fans were also busy with their fingers making sure that hastag to disband Chen became the trending.

I mean if they were really EXO fans, why didn’t they just focus in supporting Suho when he fulfilled his duty in military or helped Baekhyun promoting his album, being on supportive side in BoA’s anniversary when Baekhyun also took part in the project, and because of the bad hastags especially made by anti-fans for Chen, all the greatness of Do You Like Brahms? just simply hidden behind those useless hastgas.

Those happened because they are only focusing on hating Chen and forget there are more beauty and great things in this world than hate.

I am not an expert in psychological or related fields but as someone who could think logically, in my opinion, there must be something wrong with those kind of fans’ mental health because those kinds of behavior and attitude are totally unhealthy.