Me, Indonesia and KPop

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Chogiwa – I kind of miss the chance to write a weekend feature for Chogiwa last week because I’ve been busy juggling my daily life with whatever plan I would like to have in the future, but I’m using my precious spare time at work today to work on a weekend feature with theme “Indonesia and K-Pop”.

I’ve been into K-Pop since Super Junior, Girl Generation, Mblaq, SHINee, Beast and CNBlue. Though the fact is I’ve been knowing K-Pop since BoA in 2002 when she sang Every Heart an original soundtrack for my favourite anime InuYasha. I thought BoA is a Japanese but then I found out that she is actually a Korean.

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So, it is not a surprise for me when Twitter Data released some data and put Indonesia in the top three of country with passionate Kpop stan just after Thailand and South Korea. It is because Indonesia has been knowing Korean since early 2000 when the popularity of K-Drama started to raise in Indonesia.

I could say that Autumn in My Heart in 2000 was my first Korean Drama I’ve watched ever, followed by My Sassy Girl movie in 2001. Then, I couldn’t even remember how much drama I’ve watched in early 2000 when I started to take some interests in Korean Drama, but there are some that I would love to re-watch such as Hotelier, Sassy Girl Chun-yang, Coffee Prince, Full House and I’m sure there are more but those what I remember now.

In 2020 when the popularity of Kpop has reached Western music industry with the popularity of BTS, SuperM, Blackpink and NCT, we also can see that United States became one of the countries that also contributing in raising the popularity of K-Pop. It is not just a speculation; it is data that speaks the truth.

In other words, KPop is not only a music genre for Asia people because even now Justin Beiber noticed BTS really well. Selena Gomez has a collaboration with BlackPink, SuperM appeared in The Ellen Show twice in their first year of debut and I’m sure there are more KPop we will see as part of Western music industry in the future.

Speaking of Indonesia, what we get for becoming one of the countries with the biggest stan in the world for Kpop? Well, in certain variety shows, we could see that Indonesia language has been used as quiz, some idols even sang cover of Indonesia songs, Indonesia artists also have been invited to several music shows in South Korea such as Cinta Laura, Marion Zola, Rossa and Afgan. Even now, we have Dita, an Indonesian who debuted as idol in South Korea with a girl group Secret Number.

Will the Kpop culture affect Indonesian culture? Well, speaking of Indonesia culture, we have a very deep root, and I feel confidence that Kpop culture may not affect it too much. Our custom, traditional music and dance are irreplaceable with any foreign cultures.

However, we could see it may affect in certain ways. For me personally, I still love listening to some Indonesia singers, western music along with some Kpop but I prefer Korean Drama over Indonesia’s sinetron or FTV.

I used to love Hollywood movie but I prefer animation now so I could watch it with my daughter and son but when it comes to Korean drama and movie, I will be the first to know since watching Korean drama is a rare ‘me time’ for me because I’m a working mom with two kids, 4,800 Ha of to conserve and a website to maintain.

Well, Korean Drama give me some dosages of happiness like when seeing Kyungsoo kissing Nam Ji

Hyun in 100 Days My Prince passionately or laughing out laugh when Kim So Hyun shouting on the deer during ‘important’ moment in It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

Yes, I’m a women, a mother and Kpop stan.