Weekend Features with Do Kyungsoo or EXO D.O from Return: The Promise of the Day

EXO D.O from Return

EXO Kyungsoo and Xiumin are busy showing off their talents though they are technically serving the military now.

Return: The Promise of the Day has becoming a trending in the last three days because this musical drama is probably the most anticipated one this year though due to Covid-19 pandemic this musical drama is only availabe for paid viewers via live-streaming.

It is totally not something I expected when last year I heard Kyungsoo decided to serve the military earlier just after Xiumin. I’ve been listening to his That’s Okay like a hundred times just to understand why. But now I feel relieved.

Kyungsoo is my bias in EXO. I never stop to feel so proud of him. After hearing Sehun shared a story about Kyungsoo in military in one of the episodes of Knowing Bros I was happy, but then watching some clips and teasers of Kyungsoo performed in musical drama Return: The Promise of the Day I was super excited. He did a great job for joining military earlier because no matter where he is, people will notice his talents.

Kyungsoo has put a high standard for idols who want to be an actor. Though he said that it is ridiculous to say that he is the next Kim Soo Hyun, I thought otherwise and I believe those who have been working with him agree with me.

One thing I like the most from Kyungsoo is that no matter how high he is, he is just Kyungsoo, an ordinary yet extraordinary guy at the same time. He is like a regular boy next door that you know for life but also a person you adore until you got a star-struck.

The Promise of the Day

I’ve been writing a lot about Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun and Lay who recently chosen to be ambassador of certain international fashion brands. They are look super stylish and fashionable.

The funny thing is, I can’t picture Kyungsoo in one of those brands because no matter how flashy he is, I will always remember him wearing dorky t-shirt and glasses like he always wears during Travel The World with EXO Ladder Season 2.

However, I can picture him well wearing expensive tux, walking in a red carpet to receive a flashy award from The Academy Award (I use this award because I have no idea if there is award that even more prestigious than The Academy Award).

Anyway, January is getting closer. I never be this excited for a year to end, especially when I haven’t accomplished anything. But this year is different.
I’ve been waiting like crazy for January to come because Kyungsoo will be released from miltary in that month.

I believe, he will jump directly to the stage or sign a new contract for drama or movie. No matter how I miss EXO OT9 and their comeback but I know sometime you cannot just get what you want but expecting Kyungsoo acting again may help me enduring all the waiting because sooner or later we will say We Are One again, together with OT9 like for ever.