BTS’ Next Album ‘Be’ Will Be Released this November 20th

BTS Album Be Realesed
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Chogiwa – Annyeonghaseo Yeorobun, my name is Eka Arifin and I’m back with Chogiwa weekend features. After last week I’ve written about Kyungsoo EXO and Return: The Promise of the Day, this week I’ve been contemplating between writing about Blackpink’s The Album or BTS who just released a new remake single Savage Love. And the winner is BTS.

Some big groups have finally released their full album, such as SuperM has released their full-packed debut album SuperOne on September 25th, Blackpink has released their full album The Album at the same time when they released Lovesick Girls on October 2nd, later will be followed by NCT 2020 which will release their full 2nd album Resonance Pt 1, this October 12th.

The next big question is when BTS will release their full album?

BTS New Album
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Well, after the successful of Dynamite and all the awards and Billboard their receive from that song, on October 2nd, BTS teased their fans by releasing a remake of Savage Love, a song originally sung by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685. Savage Love in BTS version is repackaged so the song represents BTS really well by changing some Savage Love lyric parts with Korean language sung by Suga and JHope.

Those two tracks will be the pre release tracks to satisfy their fans before they officially release their full album entitled Be.

When the full BTS album Be will be released?

The official Twitter of BTS has announced that BTS album Be will be released in November 20th.

More than one month to go before fans could enjoy the full BTS album Be, but fans could start pre-ordering the album in September 28th.

Be will become the second album they release in 2020. Wow, BTS must be really busy but it’s worth it when fans are looking forward to it because this album will be the most album with BTS-ish kind of music because all members have been contributing in producing the album

In May 1st, during a live YouTube livestream, Jimin revealed that he has been assigned as the PM or project manager in this project. Though it is not an easy thing to do but the contributions of all members enable them to explore more aspects toward their music and creativity.

Due to that, there are some uncertainties regarding when BTS album Be will be released because there are a lot of changings in the last minutes but all their hard-work will be paid when finally Big Hit Entertainment announced the BTS album Be will be released this November 20th.

BTS album Be will be released in Deluxe Edition as well as online streaming and download in various music platform.

According to BTS, there are a lot of surprises they have prepared for their fans in their new album. If you think Dynamite is a good song, there are more good songs than Dynamite they have prepared for their fans in album Bu. Moreover, quoted from their press release BTS also added that through their new album Be, they want to deliver a message that they want to heal the world through this music, “Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on”.