EXO Chen “Hello” the New Digital Single

exo chen digital single

Chogiwa – After months of silence Chen has surprised fans by lending his voice to sing the OST of musical drama Do You Like Brahms? entitled Your Moonlight. Not long after that, in October 8th, EXO’s Instagram posted a puzzle of pictures with CHEN’s name and EXO’s official twitter account also shared the information about Chen’s upcoming project in the form of digital single “Hello” which will be released in less than five days, October 15th.

EXO Chen Hello is going to be his newest project and Chen official comeback in 2020 after Your Moonlight. As mentioned above, compared to his fellow members which have been busy performing, producing and acting, Chen has become the most silence of them all but every time he appears in public always become a trending. It is because fans are thirsty of Chen’s project after his marriage and the birth of his first baby daughter.

Some people even been wondering whether Chen has left EXO or not. The fact is, definitely not, along with the announcement of EXO Chen Hello, SM Entertainment also announced the individual website for Chen. The other EXO members that already have their own individual website are Baekhyun, Suho and Lay.

Chen debuted for the first time as part of EXO M in 2012 but since 2014, Chen also well known as soloist whereas he is often singing original soundtrack for dramas and movies. First Chen’s soundtrack is Best Luck for drama It’s Okay, It’s Love which is also a debut drama for EXO D.O or Kyungsoo. This soundtrack became a hit and one of the most streamed drama soundtracks.

Chen’s second soundtrack was in 2016 entitled Everytime featuring Punch for hit drama Descendent of the Sun. This soundtrack became even more popular than Best Luck.

Since then, there are several soundtracks for drama and movie sung by Chen such as For You with EXO CBXfor OST Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I’m Not Okay for OST Missing 9 which is also a drama of EXO Chanyeol, Beautiful Accident featuring Suho for a Chinese movie OST Beautiful Accident, Someone Like You with EXO CBX for OST Live, Cherry Blossom Love Song for Kyungsoo’s drama OST 100 Days My Prince, Make It Count for OST Touch Your Heart and the last was Your Moonlight for OST Do You Like Brahms?.

exo chen hello

Due to that, Chen is also well known as the King of OST because each soundtrack he sang will always become a hit.

Chen released his very first solo album in April 2019 April, and a Flower with title track Beautiful Goodbye and in October 2019, Chen released his second extended play Dear My Dear with title track Shall We?.

Dear My Dear was Chen’s latest album project and EXO Chen Hello is going to be his very first comeback after a straight one year he released Shall We?.

Though there is no information yet about whether it is going to be the only single track released in the form of digital single or it is going to be a part of an album.

So keep yourself update to find out more about EXO Chen Hello which will be released this October 15th.