My Favourite Moon Ga Young’s Drama and Movie

My Favourite Moon Ga Young’s Drama and Movie

Chogiwa – The teaser of True Beauty just released a couple of days ago which showed the similarity of Moon Ga Young and the Joo Kyung character. Since the casts confirmed a couple of months back which stated that Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young will take role as Lee Suho and Im Joo Kyung, there are a lot of people are starting to take interest with both of them. Meanwhile me, just super excited that Moon Ga Young will be Im Joo Kyung in true beauty.

I’m not so into webtoon but The Secret of Angel is my favourite. I have read several webtoons but The Secret of Angel is the only webtoon that I desperately wait every week. When I heard that this webtoon will be adapted into a drama, I was super excited. It is not a surprise when Cha Eun Woo landed the role as Lee Suho but when it was confirmed that Moon Ga Young will take role as Im Joo Kyung, I was super super excited. Why? Because I’m her big fans.

I don’t really know when exactly I started to like Moon Ga Young. However, without I really realize it, I always look forward for Moon Ga Young dramas. However, one thing for sure, I started to put interest on her since she starred in Heartstring whereas she took role as Lee Shin’s sister. Well, to make it easier, I will make a list of my favourite Moon Ga Young’s drama.

#1 Heartstring

It is not easy for a young actress to steal scene when the lead actor is Jung Yong Hwa and the lead actress is Park Shin Hye. However, I clearly remember that I like the character of Lee Jung Hyun, she was so cute there but her character left mark in my mind because she is the only one who could take control on Lee Shin, the one who could be so mean to Kyu Won but also her saviour, and she is also the one who could silence the conservative Kyu Won’s grandfather.

#2 EXO Next Door

As an EXO-L watching EXO Next Door is a must for me. Once again, I met Moon Ga Young in that short dramas and I just like it. The way she portrayed the love interest of Park Chanyeol and D.O just lovely. She was so natural there. I mean, every EXO-L must have a dream to be her in that drama and she is portraying the character of Ji Yeon Hee perfectly but still really cute.

#3 Salute D’Amore

Once again, Moon Ga Young landed a role as the girlfriend of EXO Chanyeol. The characters of A Young and Min Sung in this movie is just lovely. I ship them hard at that time. Though they are only the supporting role but one of the reasons why I decided to watch Salute D’Amore is because there are Moon Ga Young and Chanyeol in that movie.

#4 Tempted

Most people might say that one of the reasons why they watch Tempted because there are some big names there such as Woo Do Hwan and Joy of Red Velvet. Well, for me is obviously because Tempted is Moon Ga Young’s drama.

In most drama, she usually portrays the protagonist character but, in this drama, she took the chance to portray the antagonist character which is working really well. I was a bit surprise because I’m so familiar with Moon Ga Young portraying cute girl and in Tempted, she portrays a mean girl character which is she slays it really well.

#5 Find Me in Your Memory

The next Moon Ga Young’s drama which become my favourite is Find Me in Your Memory. In this drama, she’s back with a cute and protagonist character, a famous actress. This drama is about a love story between an anchorman named Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) who suffered a rare disease whereas he cannot forget anything which have happened in his life while Moon Ga Young acted as Yeo Ha Jin who due to a traumatic experience forgets the most important event in her life.

Well, I won’t do the spoiler but this drama is one of my favourite dramas that I’ve watched in 2020, so you have to put it in your list.

Those are probably the top five of Moon Ga Young’s dramas and movies that I highly recommended for you to watch. I just can’t wait for True Beauty to air this year. So, keep yourself update with us.